Reducing Office Actions With Patent Proofreading Tools

You need to invest infinite hard work, lot of time and money, in order to come up with an invention and later file a patent application that leads to patent grant. However, all this goes in vain, if you incorrectly draft your application. Even smallest of mistakes invite the office action, yes it sounds tiring but you will have to refile your application. But thanks to Patent Proofreading Tools you can avoid such situations even before they arise.

Want to know more about it? This article will tell you everything you need to create an error free patent, so read till end.

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Basic idea behind patent proofreading

Before understating patent proofreading tools, you must be clear about what patent proofreading means. Whether your invention get patent or not depends upon the draft of your patent application. It is so because, draft of your application describes about the applicability of your invention, novelty of your invention, etc.

Hence, even the smallest of grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, drawing mistakes may completely change the meaning of your invention. Thus, during the examination the examiner will straight away reject your patent application and you receive office actions.

Hence, patent proofreading tools finds you the errors in your patent application before you submit it with the patent office. Thus it avoids the office actions that you will surely receive if you don’t take proofreading service. In short, patent proofreading makes your patent application more enforceable.

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Patent Proofreading Tools – What it means?

There are certain parameters, steps and methods that you need to follow, while proofreading your patents. It makes your proofreading journey more efficient, to the point, and accurate. Thus, you can improve and correctly draft your patent application after getting the results of patent proofreading. These parameters, methods and steps are known as patent proofreading tools. Let’s discuss them separately below.

Patent proofreading parameters –

Following parameters are kept in mind while proofreading your patent application –

  • It checks the heading and page numbers on each page of application.
  • Checking the claims and finding error in statements for better applicability of invention.
  • Analyzing the indexing of your patent application. It means, checking correct page number in front of each chapter, appendices, references, classes etc.
  • Checking the drawings attached in your application. It includes, checking the correct reference numbers, checking the labels, checking the correct margins, etc.

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Methods used in proofreading –

This patent proofreading tool, equips you with the steps that tell you how a proofreading is done. It includes –

  • You can go with full page patent proofreading that includes proofreading all the pages. Under this, drawings, claims, specifications and abstract mentioned in your application are proofread.
  • You can also choose for partial/face page proofreading. Under this only certain sections such as claims and face page are proofread.
  • Drawing proofreading checks all the drawing errors  in your patent application.
  • Claim proofreading, checks all the facts error, novelty errors, and grammatical errors in your patent application.

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Who provides best patent proofreading service?

Having right partner for your patent proofreading assures you the good results. The best proofreading professionals provide you best in class patent proofreading tools services. They ensure the precision and accuracy in their service. Hence, you are able to draft the correct patent application and get the patent for your invention without receiving any office actions. “The Patent Proofreading Company” happens to be that right partner for you.

We use high end OCR based software tools that does the correct proofreading for you. Our highly skilled professionals at work guarantee you the best results. We ensure full data security, so don’t worry about that. The services we offer are in the price range you will not get anywhere else. Read more about our services here.

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