June 13, 2023

Patent Proofreading Services

Our Professional Patent Proofreading Services are specially designed to support patent agents and patent attorneys at law firms or corporations.

Only 2% or less issued patents contains no mistakes and even half of the mistakes are often introduced by USPTO during various updates. Some of it may even require certificate of correction and these errors may still seriously interfere with the enforceability of the claims.

We provide the industry’s most comprehensive proofreading service with the help of our technical expert team that reviews identified inconsistencies to determine whether the Assembled Patent or the issued patent is correct.Our reliable and cost-effective proofreading service, ensure that your granted patents are free of any errors.

We ensure, 

  • Visual inspection for all the illustrations to certify valid and correct drawings (including the reference numbers/characters used in description) appear in final drawings in issued patents.
  • Cross checking of all the front page information including all inventors, title, prior art references against citation in IDS.
  • Reference characters mentioned in the description appear clearly in the drawings.
  • Zero redundancy in technical, writting, and grammatical mistakes.
  • Easy result reports delivery highlighting all errors or discrepancies identified.
  • Expertise to prepare certificate of correction.
  • Use of latest technology for improving accuracy and efficiency of the process.
  • Cost-effectiveness and quick turnaround.
  • Manual verifcation of the claim sets.

Our Packages

  • Face Page and Claims Proofreading (In just $50) + $10 for coc: It is recommended for getting quick and reliable proofreading results for extensive patents in comparatively less investment.
  • Complete Patent Proofreading (In $100) + $10 for coc: It is recommended for scoring 100% accuracy rate through a cost effective approach that nullifies the chances of invalidation of the patent claims and its revocation.

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