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Imagine investing all your resources in developing your patent, and the patent application gets rejected. Yes, you read it right your patent application is liable to receive office actions if it is not drafted correctly. There can be numerous reasons for it and very difficult for patent owner to identify in his patent application. But, don’t worry hiring patent proofreading services before filing your patent application with patent office, removes all the errors from your application.

This article talks about need of patent proofreading services in detail. You will also learn, “how it can save your time and money in acquiring the patent grant”. So stay tuned.

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Patent Proofreading Services – What it offers?

Drafting of patent application plays a major role in deciding whether you will get patent grant of not. The patent application you have drafted must tell about your invention clearly. It includes your patent’s novelty, future applicability, functions, etc. Anything in your patent application that doesn’t brings out the given things it will lead to the office action. Patent proofreading services, ensures the presence of these things in your patent application.

It identifies all the errors in your patent application, no matter whatever it may. It also offers you opportunity to remove these errors from your application. Thus, with help of patent proofreading services you are able to make your patent application more accurate. It makes your patent look more enforceable. Hence, there are less chances of receiving office actions.

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Significance of Patent Proofreading Services

Till now it is evident that patent proofreading services prove to be an unavoidable asset in your journey to get smooth patent grant. But what is so significant about it that it reduces the chances of office actions? Below are some points, that patent proofreading specifically focuses upon and hence removes the unnoticed errors in your application:

  • Errors in claims of patent –

Claims are the heart and soul of any patent application, if not specified correctly it completely changes the protection border of patent. Thus, patent proofreading services help you in identifying whether the claims you have mentioned are properly disclosed or not. Whether the claim structure you have mentioned is novel or not? Once proofread you can timely correct it.

  • Grammatical errors in application –

Correct sentence formation plays major role in deciding the meaning of any sentence. Thus, if there are any grammatical errors in your application, it may change the meaning what you want to tell. This leads to the misunderstanding, and the application receives office action. Patent proofreading identifies all such grammatical errors including spelling mistakes, and corrects it before you file the application. Thus you application becomes concise, comprehensive and to the point.

  • Errors in explaining enforceability or scope of patent –

An invention is not considered to be patentable until it proves to be an asset for the customers in the market. Thus, the patent application must clearly tell the scope of your invention to the general public. Patent proofreading services identifies the gaps in your patent draft and recommends you to bring changes that make your patent look more practical. One of the major techniques for this is attaching patent drawings.

  • Errors in patent drawings –

Patent drawings give visual representation of your invention and easily explain the applicability of it to the examiner at patent office. However, there are certain rules and regulations for making patent drawings as per your respective geographical area. If not followed, your patent application will receive office actions. Patent proofreading helps you to find all the errors in your drawing and gives you chance to correct it beforehand.

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How to get best patent proofreading services?

It is evident from the article that patent proofreading services make the journey of patent grant process smooth and easy. However, selecting wrong professional will give you inaccurate results and the process becomes more complicated. Thus, you should go with experienced professionals like, “The Patent Proofreading Company”.

We offer you multi-step proofreading and quality check that assures no error is left in the application. With our 100% data protection, your sensitive data remains secured with us. Our professionals deliver you best in class service in never seen price range before. Read more about us here.

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