Insights of Patent Proofreading Software

Destiny of your patent application depends upon how correctly you have drafted it. If there are errors in the draft of your patent application, the examiner will hand you an office action. However, hiring patent proofreading software helps you to find and correct the mistakes in your patent application.

Thus, patent proofreading software will help you in getting the patent grant successfully without any difficulties.  This article talks more about it in details. Thus, keep reading till end and make your patent grant process smooth.

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Significance of patent proofreading software

Patent proofreading is an important process in the grant of patent rights. Thus, it demands high level of precision and accuracy. If any of the errors get unnoticed, they will become the cause of office actions for you. Thus, you need to take the help of tools that can perform the patent proofreading task with precision.

With patent proofreading software you get the feature of automated error findings in your patent application. Thus, you achieve the good results in above mentioned tasks very easily.

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Reasons to choose patent proofreading software

Above points tell clearly that it helps you in writing consistent and well drafted applications for patent grant. However, following mentioned points tell you more clearly why patent proofreading software proves beneficial in your patent grant process:

  1. Challenges solved by it –
  2. Lack of time and hence hurrying creates chances for errors going unnoticed. However, it does the proofreading task automatically in quick time. So you achieve the best results in less time and effort.
  3. Preparing patent application is a complex process, and tedious task. But with patent proofreading software, you are able to complete time consuming drafting tasks much easily.

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 2. Avoids office actions:

Some of the major reasons for getting office actions are inconsistent claims in the patent application, silly unnoticed grammatical errors, drawing errors, missing part numbers in drawing, and many more other things.

Identifying all these errors manually is a challenging and next to impossible task, and as a result you remain on the verge of receiving office actions. However, with patent proofreading software you are able to find all these errors much easily and can correct them even before they become the cause of giving you trouble.

Thus, you are able to create high quality draft of your patent application. Such an application will sustain and negotiate all the challenges that an ordinary application faces and gets rejected.

3. Saves your precious money –

From the points explained above, you are also able to avoid the overhead fees that an application faces after getting office action. It is because when you don’t face office action, you need not to pay again in drafting and refiling your patent application again with patent office. Hence, the revenue of your company increases.

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Qualities of an Ideal patent proofreading software

Following are the key qualities that your patent proofreading software must have in it:

  • Provides data security –

Cloud based proofreading services expose you to the threat of data insecurity. However, patent proofreading software runs locally in your PC and hence your data remains local to you only. Rest assured, it doesn’t collects your data nor transmits it to any other network, unless specified by you.

  • Easy to use –

When we talk about ease of use, it is installed in your PC and runs inbuilt with Microsoft word. Thus you can directly use it and review the results in Word only. Further all the proofreading reports generated are stored locally in your PC only. You can either view them in word, HTML or pdf format.

  • Customize as per your need –

Need of patent proofreading software depends from person to person. Thus, you can customize the reports and search results generated as per your convenience. Customize the proofreading rules, shells, forms, and templates as per your requirements. You can also customize it to reuse data from the docketing system of yours only. It will again save time and effort.

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Whom to hire for “Patent proofreading services”

Given the importance of patent proofreading software and the associated patent proofreading services have. It is very important to choose the professional who understands your concerns and reacts accordingly. This requires experience and professionalism, and this is where we The Patent Proofreading Company

Our professional proof readers find the errors and omit them from your application before they become the cause of office action. Maintaining 100% data security of the clients is our commitment and we never compromise in that. We carry out multiple checks and quality assurance before handing you the final proofreading report, thus we ensure even slightest of errors are not left. Read more about us here.

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