Proofreading a Patent – What you get?

Road to easy patent grant starts with the process of correct drafting of patent application. If your patent application is full of errors no matter what type of error it has, it will receive office actions. Hence, correct patent drafting is the need of every patent developer, but how to do it? Proofreading a patent will help you in developing a healthy and applicable patent application.

You might be thinking of doing it yourself, but proofreading a patent is not as easy as it sounds. But don’t worry we have brought this article to solve all your queries related to patent proofreading. So read till end and increase your knowledge to make your patent application accurate and more applicable.

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Proofreading a Patent – Introduction

Draft of the patent application describes all the essential elements and aspects of your invention. Thus, before submitting your application with the patent office you need to ensure everything is correctly mentioned in the application. Proofreading a patent does exactly the same.

If you go by name, it itself describes the meaning. It means, reading a patent carefully to ensure it is error proof. Hence proofreading makes the application error free. It ensures that the application clearly conveys the points that you want it to convey to examiner at patent office.

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Patent Proofreading Service– Is it really needed?

As said earlier, you might be thinking of proofreading the patent yourself, but can you really do it? Here is your answer.

Think logically, if you had the correct knowledge of drafting, you would have not committed errors during application drafting, isn’t it. So, what good doing proofreading yourself will do, if you are not aware of, “what errors you made while drafting the patent application”?

Thus, it’s impossible to remove the errors if you are not aware of, what types of errors are present in your patent application. That’s why patent proofreading services are essential for innovating corporates.

When you go for proofreading a patent, the proofreading professional uses sophisticated proofreading software to find the errors present in your application. Hiring professional proofreading services will leave no scope for any error in your patent application.

Thus, it will make the application present your invention’s ideas more clearly and precisely. It further increases the applicability of your patent application. Hence, patent proofreading ensures your patent application is ready for publication and just needs approval from patent office. And receiving quick approval is not the big difficulty if your application is error free.

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Proofreading a patent – The main objectives

Whatever plans we follow, whatever course of actions we take, all are backed by some sort of objectives behind it. Proofreading your patent is no different it offers you accomplishment of following objectives:

  • Proofreading the claim structure –

Claim structure of a patent bears the highest importance as it tells examiner about boundary of protection of your patent. Thus, any ambiguous references without any proper support and proof will make your application draft appear misleading. Proofreading eliminates such misleading claims from your application.

Thus, your patent application will appear to be in sync between what you are revealing and what you are claiming. Hence, the patent application will have a definite drafting structure. It will ease your path of getting patent grant without receiving any office actions.

  • Proofreading the grammatical errors –

Drafting the patent application requires sentence formations to explain the things about your invention. Thus, it involves grammar from start to end in the application.

Use of grammar, seems very easy and insignificant, isn’t it? Yes, at first instance you will find grammar to be of insignificant role in patent application. But the bitter truth is grammatical errors have significant impact in receiving office actions. In fact it is one of the prime reasons for the rejection of patent applications.

It is because a single grammatical mistake can completely change the meaning of idea you want to convey. This will make your application appear ambiguous and you receive office actions. Proofreading eliminates all such errors from your application and makes it concise, and easy to understand.

  • Enabling applicability of invention –

You might have made an invention but if that invention is not useful in practical life it is good for nothing. Same principle is used by examiner at patent office to find whether to grant you patent or not. If you application seems not useful to him you will receive office actions.

Now it is obvious that every invention is useful for mankind in some way. However, what’s important to focus upon is, does your draft explain the applicability of your invention clearly or not? If the claims and scope are not clearly understandable and seem not useful then you receive office actions. It will help you make your patent sound more applicable.

Where to get patent proofreading services?

Proofreading a patent requires high precision and complete accuracy so that you build an enforceable application draft. That’s why you need to choose us “The Patent Proofreading Company”. We use high end user based OCR tools and software for automated proofreading of applications. Our highly skilled professionals offer you 100% client satisfaction in the price range never seen before. Read more about us here.

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