Drafting of your patent application plays crucial role in deciding, whether your invention will get patent or not. As, if the patent application is not able to explain the uniqueness and feature of your invention, then no matter how innovative it is, your invention will render to be useless by the examiner. Thus, before finally submitting your application at patent office you need to go for patent proofreading.

It helps you find missing things and required corrections in your application before submitting it finally. Hence, it eliminates the reasons for office actions even before they arise. So, this article is going to shed more light on patent proofreading and how you can acquire it, thus keep reading.

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Patent Proofreading – What it serves?

Patent proofreading is the service that helps you in making your patent application error free. Using this you can find the scope of improvement in your patent application.

The improvement may happen in many ways, like what needs to be eliminated, what else may be added in your application to make it more comprehensive, etc. Let’s discuss them below –


It helps you in eliminating important errors like redundant sentences, grammatical errors, spelling errors. If not found prior, these mistakes may completely change the meaning of idea you want to convey to the examiner, and he will reject the patent application.


One of the important things that examiner notices while examining the patent application is the future applicability of your invention. Your invention will not get patent unless it guarantees a practical use to examiner. Thus, patent proofreading will help you do adjustments in the application that easily explain the application of your invention. Few of the adjustments that you can do includes, attaching patent drawings, mentioning examples, etc.


As stated above, patent drawings explain your inventions easily to the examiner. But if the drawing is not carefully drafted, it will invite the office actions. Thus, getting this service will help you in finding the errors in your patent drawing and you can rectify them timely. Incorrect margins, incorrect labelling, etc. are some common errors usually found in patent drawings.

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Patent Proofreading for easy patent grant 

Office actions make you refile your patent application, which again requires money, time and effort. So, if you want to save yourself from such consequences, this service helps you best.

Further as per the data of USPTO, nearly 98% of patent applications filed with them have at least one error. So if you are going to file patent application you may be in 98% of error prone category. This one error is enough to hand you an office action on your patent application. Thus patent proofreading helps you secure the future of your invention, and reduces the chances of receiving office actions.

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How to choose best proofreading services? 

Every patent application is unique, and hence the errors emerging in them also vary distinctly. Thus, it is important for you to choose the patent proofreading professional who can find any type of error in the patent application. The professional must also tell you how to overcome the errors in your application. We are happy to tell you that, “The Patent Proofreading Company” has all the attributes that you wish you in your patent proofreading partner.

Our skilled proofreaders identify the errors in your application before it becomes an issue for you. You will also get suggestions along with correction certificate for the errors found in your application. The price we charge is minimal and unmatched, know more about us here.

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