Everything About Proofreading A Patent

Proofreading a patent is the process that spots the errors in the issued patents and is an important last step in controlling the quality of patents and ensuring enforceability.

Patents are implemented in the manner in which they are granted and hence the errors will have an effect on patents. Errors may happen on the face page, in the claims or in the entire specification covering the drawings as well. The errors may be of different types like clerical error, incorrect figure, incorrect claim numbering, grammatical errors, error in claim dependencies, typographical errors, repetition of textual matter etc.  

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Why Patent Proofreading Is Important?

Proofreading is arguably the most important final step in the process of getting a patent. After the patent draft is finalized the patent specification must be proofread. It holds importance for following of the several reasons:

  • Proofreading helps filter out any errors that might have gone unnoticed while drafting the specification.
  • It also helps in mitigating any harm that could have been the outcome of the errors in the patent draft.
  • It helps in spotting missing patent claims and in ensuring proper support for the claimed specification. In addition to that, proofreading provides a definite structure to the claims and maintains the harmony between the patent disclosure part and the claims part.  
  • Patent proofreading helps in making sure that every sentence in the patent draft remains clear and correct. You must form concise and clear sentences to avoid confusion and patent rejection. Moreover, proofreading identifies grammatical errors and thus helps in creating a precise and correct draft.
  • It ensures that the patent protection boundary is neither too broad nor too narrow. That is so because increasing the scope may lead to patent rejection and narrowing the scope results in a non-beneficial patent.
  • Proofreading is important for the patent draft to maintain technical adherence. Also, the patent office describes certain technical rules that are necessary for a patent draft. Here, proofreading ensures that all the technicalities are performed.  

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When Is The Right Time For Proofreading A Patent?

Regardless of whether the USPTO or the applicant has committed the errors, the responsibility of correcting these errors lies solely on the applicant. It verifies the issued patents against the patent application and all amendments.

A patent application is usually lengthy; therefore, it can be a time consuming and expensive process. Errors in the patent application can be there on the face page, in the claim section or in the entire specification including drawings.

Proofreading can therefore be performed at the following stages:

  • Before filing the application
  • Once the patent application is published
  • When a PCT application is nationalized in US
  • Once the patent is approved (Notice of allowance stage)
  • Once the patent is issued  

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