Why Proofread A Patent? (Point-Wise Explanation)

Why do we need to Proofread a Patent? Patent Proofreading is the final priority step after the final draft for a patent is complete. It eliminates the errors made while preparing a draft. Thus, it avoids the rejection of a patent if left unchecked. Patent proofreading not only covers the grammatical aspects but also every legal and technical aspect. For example, spelling, formatting, claims, and illustration errors of the documents.

Key Variables To Proofread

Grammar: This is one of the significant sections for proofreading, as grammatical usage defines the perception of a sentence, i.e. if the application of the grammar in a statement/draft is not appropriate, that may mislead the court to depict what your draft actually explains, which may result in abandoning your draft. Thus, proofreading ensures that the conveyed meaning in the patent draft is similar to the meaning intended.

Illustrations & Technicalities:  Disclosing a patent specification and its drawings in a patent draft is a very tricky task; you have to be too specific with the details in data of the patent as well as with the diagrammatic representation. Thus, proofreading ensures the appropriate use of all the technicalities and terminologies. Moreover, in the illustration part, it takes care of the detailing in the drawings i.e. Specification, technicalities, the ink and the paper used.

Enabling Invention:  You must iterate the invention such that any person of the same field with a basic level of knowledge can recreate/replicate. This type of iteration in the draft is called Enabling Invention. Proofreading the idea behind the invention will help ensure whether the invention is completely enabling or its just ambiguous.

Structure & Scope of Patent Claims:  Patents while drafted needs to be constituted of very precise details about the specifications which generate a protective shield, which is necessary to protect patents from every aspect. Hence, proofreading the document is necessary to ensure that all the data within the document is in the correct format and consists of accurate data such as, correct usage of words for description, ambiguousness of the data, and specification details.

Since the complete patent prosecution process is a bit tricky and fully loaded with a number of prerequisites lined up, it’s better to take help from an efficient patent attorney.

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