US Patent Proofreading – with USPTO Best Practices

When we talk about US Patent Proofreading, we strictly abide by the patent drafting rules of the USPTO. Since a patent draft is a legal document; therefore, every patent office expects it to be in a format as per their jurisdiction. According to a popular saying “to err is human” – it is natural for humans to make mistakes. Therefore, while preparing patent drafts the occurrence of mistakes is inevitable.

If you want to file a patent application with the USPTO do perform US patent proofreading, so that your patent application sails smoothly through prosecution. It is better to let a trusted patent drafting and proofreading professional take care of your patent draft. This will not only reduce your burden but also, help you get a timely patent grant.

General Errors for Patent Proofreading

Since, a patent draft comprises multiple parts, going through each of them is mandatory. Mistakes can happen in any part of the patent draft. This may include the format of the patent draft, the text of the specification the form of grammatical mistakes, spelling errors, claim construction, superfluous content. Also, in case of drawings if not prepared as per the USPTO guidelines for patent drawings.

  • Proofreading claims is the most essential element in the specification part since claims set the scope of the patent protection.
  • Grammatical errors are also of utmost consideration. Even a single comma (,) goes here and there it changes the meaning of the sentence. Hence, it is important to take due care of punctuation and other grammatical error doesn’t occur.
  • Patent drawings have a set format as per the USPTO. For instance, draft black and white drawings, use India ink, avoid solid shading and superimposition, etc.

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For US Patent Proofreading – Consider USPTO Best Practices

USPTO at its own end declares certain practices while preparing a patent draft. If you don’t go wrong with them the probability of seeking patent protection gets real high. Therefore, while proofreading a patent application do consider whether these requirements are met or not.

The considerations are as follows:

  • Application Preparation: consider MPEP 608 formats for patent applications. It talks about the written disclosure and specification format. Also, portray the invention as per the manner described in 35 USC 112(a). It asks to obtain full and clear disclosure of the invention. It also states that you cannot introduce new matter into the application after its filing date. Also, do not submit the application as per the European Problem/Solution format.

Make sure that you state the specifications in full, concise, clear and exact terms. This is so as to enable a person skilled in that field to make and use the invention.

  • Avoid improper language: use language as per decorum and courtesy. This implies that the language should not sound offensive to any race, religion, sex, ethnic group or nationality.
  • Multiple Dependent Claims: avoid crafting multiple dependent claims that depend from other multiple dependent claims. Therefore, you should follow MPEP § 608.01(n) for the best US practices.

To learn more about Multiple Dependent Claims follow the link.

  • Avoid “Use” claims: it states the statutory requirements of the claim. It says the applicant particularly needs to point out and distinctly claim his/her invention. Since a “use’’ claim is equivalent to a “process” claim which is more relevant. Therefore, it better to use the word “process” to build it as per the USPTO guidelines. Craft claims as per MPEP § 608.01(k).
  • Pre-examination tips forms: Use USPTO forms without making changes to the language. And make sure that you not use combined declaration and attorney form. Make sure you consider these points while performing US patent proofreading.

Our Patent Proofreading Approach

Although you can perform patent proofreading on your own, US Patent Proofreading approach is quite peculiar and a daunting task. Therefore, if you consider taking professional assistance The Patent Proofreading Company is at your end. Our professionals are expert at finding errors before they become an issue. To ensure this we follow a multi-step quality check and use state-of-the-art software for assistance. Also, we issue a ‘Certificate of Correction’ with comprehensive proofread results which proves the authenticity of your patent application. We have and are delivering all these services at cost-effective rates. To know more, do give a visit to our service page.

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