Benefits of knowing the Patent Proofreading Importance

A Patent grant depends on the understanding of Patent specification and Patent proofreading importance. Mostly, a successful patent application depends on how you draft the patent specification. Thus, it is necessary to draft a patent professionally. The Patent specification determines the scope of protection for the invention. We all are aware of the important role of a patent specification for patent grant. So, you must draft the specification with most caution and care. However, man is prone to making errors. As a result, you are left with unwanted errors even if you draft the specifications with utmost care. These errors may result in the rejection of the patent application. A single mistake may make the invention available to the public domain. You require patent proofreading to avoid these circumstances. In this article, we will try to understand the patent Proofreading importance.

Patent Proofreading Importance:

Patent proofreading is the most crucial step in the complete process of patent grant. You must proofread the patent draft after finalizing it. Proofreading helps in correcting the unwanted errors that you may have made during the drafting process. You may understand the patent proofreading importance with the following points:

Claims are the most crucial part of any specification. They mark the scope of protection that a patent provides. Here, proofreading identifies the missing claims and ensures proper support for the claimed specification. Also, it clarifies definite claims and omits the indefinite one. Moreover, proofreading provides a definite structure to the claims and maintains the harmony between the disclosure part and the claims part. Professionally drafted claims increase the chances of patent grant.

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  • Grammatical Accuracy:

Many people consider Grammar as an insignificant part of the patent draft. However, grammar changes the whole perception of a sentence. A single word may own two different meanings. It depends on how and where you use the word. Thus, Patent proofreading ensures that every sentence in the patent draft remains unequivocal. You must form concise and clear sentences to avoid confusion and patent rejection.   Moreover, proofreading aids in eradicating grammatical errors and creating a precise and correct draft.

  • Enables Invention:

Enabling an Invention means the description of the invention must allow a general person to understand and remake the invention easily. Many times the patent draft discloses the invention thoroughly, but it is possible that the disclosure is not an enabling invention. Hence, it may lead to the rejection of the patent application. Thus, patent proofreading helps in determining the disclosure of the draft as enabling or not.

  • Patent Scope Determination:

The claims in the patent draft determine the extension of the boundary for patent protection. Patent proofreading ensures that the patent protection boundary is neither too broad nor too narrow. As increasing the scope may lead to patent rejection and narrowing the scope results in a non-beneficial patent.

  • Technical Formalities:

There are a lot of technical formalities that you must perform in order to draft a patent application. Thus, Proofreading is important for the patent draft to maintain technical adherence. Also, the patent office describes certain technical rules that are necessary for a patent draft. Here, proofreading ensures that all the technicalities are performed.

Feedback from the Patent database of the USPTO:

You may take the example of the following research data to realize the Patent Proofreading importance. Among the 1600 Patents issued by the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office):

  • Out of all the issued patents, 98% were incorrect.
  • There is at least one mistake in every US patent as per the research.
  • The USPTO made mistakes in over 50% of Patents.
  • More than 33% needed a correction certificate.
  • Approximately 2% of the Patents had serious mistakes that were enough to spoil the original claims.

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