Patent Proofreading Advantages: All You Need to Know

In the patent prosecution process, you can’t overstate the patent proofreading advantages. There is always going to be a chance that after completing your patent draft, you’ll find areas of improvement. We’re all humans, after all, anybody can make errors, and we can definitely improve them. These improvements, however, will only be possible if you proofread your patent application. Patent Proofreading is the process that identifies the errors in a patent application. It is a crucial step in controlling the quality of patents and ensuring enforceability. These errors may exist in the form of tiny technical faults to gaping holes in the claims section. Either way, you must fix all of them.

This article will help you understand the patent proofreading advantages.

Patent Proofreading Advantages – How can they help you?

You can understand that patent proofreading is crucial. But how exactly will it be of use to you? The following points are the most important and you must keep them in mind during and after drafting your application.

Describing the Functionality – An Enabling Invention

There is a good chance that your application might describe the invention really well. But it might not provide the functionality clearly. You should ensure that you have an enabling invention. But what exactly does it mean?  Basically, a person from the same field as that of the invention should be able to make/perform the invention without any undue effort. Lack of clarity in this domain might lead to rejection of the patent application. Hence, you must proofread your description to ensure this is not the case.

This is one of the biggest patent proofreading advantages as it can save your application from rejection. You must look at the General Information Concerning Patents.

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Technical Soundness

You should be certain that your draft is adhering to all the technicalities. There are many guidelines that you must comply with. These can range from rules for rendering patent illustrations to the acceptable writing style for the entire application. Sometimes, you might miss out on something and that can cause problems at the time of the examination. Therefore, proofreading your document will ensure that everything is in fact in place. Check out The Essentials of Proofreading too.

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Claim Structure

Your patent application’s heartbeat is the claims section. The claims are the deciding factor in terms of the scope of the protection your patent will provide. Proofreading the claims will ensure that you clearly distinguish between disclosure and claims so that your novelty is intact. You must proofread the claims to ensure that they are comprehensive in their coverage and also check for ambiguous references. Ultimately, a solid and definitive claim structure will boost your chances of getting a patent.

See the following example for the claims section of a pencil.

Preamble & Transitional PhraseA writing instrument for making a mark on a writing surface, the writing instrument comprising:
Element AAn elongate protective sheath with a central cavity extending along a length of the elongate protective sheath
Element BA solid material disposed within the central cavity so that a person can grip the protective sheath and guide a tip to the solid material extending out of a first distal end of the elongate protective sheath to make the mark on the writing surface; and
Element CAn eraser disposed adjacent to a second distal portion of the elongate protective sheath opposite the first distal end

Amongst all the patent proofreading advantages, this has to go down as the biggest.

Choice of Words and Grammar

You might believe that this is probably insignificant. But let us tell you, this can prove to be the deciding factor when it comes to patent infringement cases. Read the following case of Gillette Co. VS Energizer Holdings Inc., 2004:

Gillette had a patent for Mach 3 razor, which has 3 blades. Energizer Holdings came up with a similar product, the Schick Quattro razor with 4 blades. Gillette felt that this is a case of patent infringement and took the case to court. Their patent specification’s language became their own enemy, as they didn’t clearly cover the use of multiple blades. The language of the specification was such that would provide coverage for 3 blade razors only. However, the Quattro razor had 4 blades, which isn’t 3, and on this ground, Gillette lost the case.

Fig. The Schick Quattro and the Mach 3

This is a game between structuring the claims and using the right words.

Need Patent Proofreading Services? – The Patent Proofreading Company

You can see the patent proofreading advantages. It becomes highly critical at this point because it can potentially save your patent from exposure. You may be unsure of proofreading your own documents because you might or might not find the errors. So, if you’re to hire a professional, you can contact The Patent Proofreading Company. We provide the industry’s most comprehensive proofreading service with the help of our technical expert team. The team reviews inconsistencies to determine whether the patent application or existing patent is correct. Our reliable and cost-effective proofreading service ensures that your application is free of any errors.

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