Importance of Patent Proofreading Services

Patent proofreading services provide a thorough inspection of the patent draft to look for error(s), which may lead to patent objection and/or rejection. Objection for patent grant occurs when the draft is not in the proper format or when it has mistakes. Rejection for patent grant occurs when along with the mistakes the invention doesn’t stand the criteria of patentability. Patent proofreading comes into action after preparation of a patent draft. Since patent grant depends on well drafting of patent specifications, this makes patent proofreading indispensable after preparing a patent draft.

Errors in a patent draft are diverse require an eagle eye for in-depth scrutiny of the documents. They can be in the form of grammatical errors, format, technical, claim construction errors and errors in drawings.

Patent Proofreading Services: Importance

  • Proofreading reduces the number of office actions raised at the patent office.
  • The enforceability of the patent depends on the delivery of the patent draft.
  • The inventor might not be able to highlight the errors at his end, an agent will provide with the details of the errors.
  • Help in proper claim construction so that it doesn’t infringe upon any prior invention or delimit the scope of our invention.
  • Patent proof-readers ensure zero redundancy in technical, format and grammatical mistakes.
  • For adding missing crucial aspects of the invention.
  • Saves the cost, time and efforts on the part of the inventor.

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The Elements of Consideration:

  • Claims: proofreading of the claims removes the scope of ambiguity and also verifies if something is missing from the claim set.
  • Invention statement: proper and precise delivery of the invention statement is important. Invention statement targets both aware of and out-of-subject audience. Information delivery is in such a manner, that it educates people who don’t have prior knowledge related to the subject.
  • Grammar: patent proofreading services help deliver sentences in a precise and unambiguous way by narrow-downing the number of grammatical mistakes.
  • Terminology: the technical terminologies are the soul of a patent application. Therefore, one must not go wrong while elaborating the terminologies. Moreover, patent proofreading services help go through the technical jargons in order to deliver their literal meaning.
  • Drawing: patent drawings give a visual presentation of a well-elaborated invention. Patent proof-readers remove the unwanted complexity from the drawings, which in turn, increases the chances of getting a patent grant.
  • References: to cross verify references to check “already defined or mentioned” references and to nullify them.
  • Standards: patent proofreading ensures whether the format and language of the application is as per that jurisdiction laws or not.
  • Reliability Verification: patent proofreading services ensure a reliable portray of the invention. They do this by checking all its aspects, one more time, before drafting the final application.

What do We Ensure?

Our professional proofreaders make sure that your patent application sails smoothly through every prosecution tollgate. Our patent proofreading services team performs a visual inspection and cross-checking of all the patent applications. They use state-of-the-art tools to deliver a perfect patent draft. We provide a comprehensive report with correction suggestions and a certificate of correction (if required). We maintain 100% confidentiality of your data, satisfying our clients globally for more than 10 years. To reach us, visit The Patent Proofreading Company.

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