Why You Should Not Avoid Patent Proofreading While Filing Patent Applications?

Patent proofreading ensures all the incorporated patent drafts are correct and appropriate. As a patent includes claims and many other relevant documents, it is must to verify that everything is up to the mark. An appropriate patent proofreading can find errors from a minute spelling mistake to a major invalid specification. The primary objective of patent proofreading is to prevent unfavorable consequences such as rejection of the application, financial loses and many more.

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An insight is given by the USPTO after reviewing a set of 1600 patents:

  • 98% issued patents have mistakes
  • 50% of which from the USPTO end
  • 33% of errors need correction certificate
  • 2% of these were the mistakes from applicant end

How Patent Proofreading plays a significant role?

Patent proofreading avoidance can lead to unfavorable possibilities for the applicant. A strong patent proofreads all the specification inaccuracies which can harm patent enforcement. Also, it facilitates the identification of an error in the claim of the patent application draft.

  • Identifies core patent claims mistakes to protect from infringement
  • Facilitates a decision on filing Certification of Correction
  • Compares claims of issued patents with “latest claim amendment filed” which includes “latest Examiner’s amendment.”
  • Considered as an indispensable part of the prosecution
  • Reduces cost with an increase in the quality

Why Choose The Patent Proofreading Company?

We are expert in delivering patent proofreading easy reports highlighting all the errors identified. Our team of professionals uses the latest technology to improve process effectiveness. Also, we deliver “Certification of Correction” and manually verified claim set in quick turnaround time. Additionally, our proficient experts inspect all the incorporated patent drawings to make sure that the final drawing has a correct illustration of the invention. Before delivering patent proofreading solution we make it a point to scrutinize all the front page information comprising inventors, title, prior art references and many more.

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