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Proofreading Services for Patent?

Patent proofreading services examine the patent draught thoroughly for errors that could result in a patent objection and/or rejection. When the document is not in the right format or contains errors, it will be rejected for patent issuance. When an innovation fails to meet the standards for patentability due to flaws, it is rejected for[…]

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Patent Proofreading Process: The Inside Edition

The enforceability of a patent is dependent on its concreteness and clarity, which is why patent proofreading is critical. The patent proofreading process entails taking a close look at the patent application to look for even the tiniest of errors. Almost ninety percent of patent applications contain at least one error. Even 2% or fewer of[…]

Patent Proofreading

Why You Should Not Avoid Patent Proofreading While Filing Patent Applications?

Patent proofreading ensures all the incorporated patent drafts are correct and appropriate. As a patent includes claims and many other relevant documents, it is must to verify that everything is up to the mark. An appropriate patent proofreading can find errors from a minute spelling mistake to a major invalid specification. The primary objective of[…]